VBALLSCORE – When You Can’t See the Score, VB Score!

VBALLSCORE turns any mobile device into a social media integrated scoreboard through crowdsourced scorekeeping

What is VBALLSCORE? VBALLSCORE is simply a concatenation of the words “Volleyball Score”. “When You Can’t See the Score, VB Score!” VBALLSCORE turns any mobile device into a social media integrated scoreboard through crowdsourced scorekeeping. But more importantly it’s an app for Android and Apple – and it’s a valuable app because there has been a need for a long time for a mobile app to exist that allowed attendees (specifically moms and dads) at a club volleyball match to be able to have the volleyball scoreboard in the palm of their hands while the game is in progress.
Imagine you’re attending a volleyball match (indoor or beach) and you can easily see the scoreboard – why do you need a handheld version of the scoreboard when you can just look over and see the scoreboard.  That’s a valid question but if you’re reading this it’s because you’ve stumbled across this blog in the hopes you can find a solution to the problem of NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THE VOLLEYBALL SCOREBOARD!My story.
I have two daughters that have been enjoying club volleyball for years and for some unknown reason most facilities that hold club volleyball matches do a terrible job at ensuring the parents who are paying for their kids to attend club volleyball events actually are able to see the scoreboard of the games. When you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month to see your kid play in a game, you expect to be able to see the score at any given point in time! Playing is fun, but winning is even more fun so seeing the score after every point is important!So when I’m sitting in the stands watching my daughter’s team get point after point, then the other team gets point after point and the pressure is on I like to know the score so I can mentally prepare for when this stressful game will come to an end.

Sharing scores by text
Sharing scores by text

But I look over at the scoreboard and I notice that the girl in charge of flipping the score has turned the manual flipboard just enough that it’s not visible to any of the parents watching the game in my section of the bleachers. Sure she occasionally picks up the board and shows us the score, but then the flipboard goes right back on the table slightly out of view again. Unfortunately I’m not sitting directly in front of the scoreboard since the rat maze of 92 volleyball courts at this facility has limited seating AND has us somewhere sandwiched in between multiple courts with no real pathway that leads out of the 40,000 square foot facility. So we’re essentially trapped in our little seating section until the game is over. I can see that she’s flipping points as each team scores, but she isn’t turning the board towards me and it’s been like 5 minutes. A lot can happen in 5 minutes!

So I get up off of my uncomfortable seat on the raised aluminum bleachers to walk over to where I can see the scoreboard.  Only now I am standing by a virtual “wall” (a net draped from ceiling to floor that separates court 91 and court 92 to contain the volleyballs on that court) and am getting dirty looks from the ref as he waits for me to go sit back on the uncomfortable bleachers.  As I walk back (ruining all the video camera footage setup on the sidelines)  I catch a glimpse of the score (8-7) and try to remember it as the game continues with the ref making signals with his arms that are foreign to me. Another point – I think – for our team occurs right as I sit back down. Now it’s 8-8?  I open my phone and go to the app store and look for “volleyball scoreboard” and up comes a plethora of apps. They all say they keep score so I decide to download the one with the most positive reviews.  I download one and begin to keep score myself. That’s when I notice a few other parents also are keeping score on their mobile devices too.  Only I can see that one parent shows 10-7 and another has 7-9, and I personally thought it was 9-8. I look around and see that there is a parent farther down the bleachers that can actually visually see the scoreboard so, becoming more and more frustrated, I decided to go get a cup of coffee as I text him “WHAT’S THE SCORE?!?!” He replies as the game is in progress:

At this point I start thinking to myself that this is the way to go! I can now sit here and just watch my buddy Matt keep score for me while the game is in progress. I let the other parents around me know the score so they can make the appropriate corrections to their device’s volleyball scoreboard app (needless to say they all had incorrect scores too.)

So why hasn’t someone created an app that just does this? Because it’s expensive, it’s detailed, it’s dealing with multiple games, multiple volleyball facilities, multiple people logging in simultaneously, databases, web apps, coordination, there’s no money to be made from it, blah blah blah.
But this is a blog that has a purpose and that is to advertise the fact that there is now an app that overcomes those limitations for all those parents and people sitting in the stands (or outside under their team’s popup tent) that cannot see the scoreboard.
In fact, the VBALLSCORE app was created not only for parents but for coaches too. Here’s a brief description of its capabilities.
  • VBALLSCORE is a mobile scoreboard application that enables one person (the Admin) to keep score of a sporting event and multiple other people (the Watcher) to use the same app and see the exact same scoreboard update automatically in real time on their device.
  • Find a volleyball game by the device’s Geo-location via Google Maps, sporting facility, or by team name
  • See if any of your Facebook friends are keeping score
  • Court number can be set to help others find what court your team is on
  • Manual team name entry or choose from a database of teams
  • Options for another logged in user to “Take Over” scoreboard if a scorekeeper is unable to finish scorekeeping a game
  • Maximize score option to allow score to take over the entire screen for when maximum visibility of the scoreboard is required
  • Pool play matches and scores kept for Social Media posting
  • Number of “Watchers” on score screen

Give the app a try and let me know what you think.  Look in the Apple and Play store for VBALLSCORE today while it’s still a free download!

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