When You Can’t See the Score, VB Score!



When volleyball scoreboards are blocked from view at indoor or beach tournaments the VballScoreBoard™ is more than just another mobile volleyball scoreboard app. It’s the world’s first and only crowdsourced & social media enabled scoreboard available!

One person keeps score, anyone else can watch from anywhere in the world. No more wondering what the score is of a volleyball game!


Be a Watcher or a Scorekeeper

Choose to either login with social media or enter as guest. You must login to Scorekeep a game. But to Watch a game you may either login or enter as a guest.

Watcher Role

Scorekeeper Role


Choose Watch a match to simply watch a game or match in progress.


Choose to login with a social media account to Be the scorekeeper of a match.


All previous Watched Matches are kept on the server so you can go back and see them at a later time.


Any matches scored as a Scorekeeper are kept on the server so you can go back and see them at a later time.

Keeping Score

Scorekeeper screen is easy to use and was designed for both beach and indoor matches. Tap or swipe up or down to score. Choose timeouts, modify previous games with the pencil, switch sides with the arrows, and end games one by one until the match is over (there can be up to 5 games per match).


How to Use VBallScore

Additional capabilities of VBALLSCORE


In the menu options you may export the scores to social media accounts of your choosing.


The Scorekeeper color wheel allows you to choose from millions of colors to customize the teams.


Scroll the map until you find a match in progress then simply click on it.


VBALLSCORE works anywhere in the world.

What our customers said:

VBALLSCORE has helped our club team keep track of the score for all the parents and other players when we’re at a tournament facility without scoreboards that can be seen from every seat. Without this app I’m not sure what we would have done. Two thumbs up!

Stephen L. – Club QuietBoom



I like to attend volleyball matches and help score for the people who cannot see the score board and VBALLSCORE has helped with this every time. I like that only one person needs to score the game but everyone can watch. No other scoring apps do this! Nicely done.

Maebeth W. – Sports Nutritionist



VBALLSCORE is like no other app available anywhere. College recruiters can use this to keep an eye on their favorite team’s scoring progress when they cannot be courtside. The real power of the app is when it is used at multiple court tournaments when you need to keep track of multiple games at once. Just switch back and forth between the games all without losing track of a single score. Or when relaxing on the beach watching a pickup game with friends you can just keep score so friends not at the beach can watch the scores happen in real-time! This would have been very useful for friends, family, and spectators back in the 80’s and 90’s.

Eric Sato – Olympian Volleyball

Gold Medalist 1988 – Bronze Medalist 1992